Chambers of Xeric

You asked, and we made it happen! Chambers of Xeric is Available to be played! Go in solo or with friends! Go enjoy killing all the wonderful enemies that CoX has to offer, and try your luck! Use the Magic Book or do ::raids to get started! Friends are suggested, but not needed.

Theatre of Blood

We listened to your requests for more content, and we took your suggestions about adding theatre of blood... So with no further-a-do, Theatre of Blood is now available to play! Please go to your magic books in-game and go to minigames and go to Theatre of Blood to get started!


Introducing BattlePass! Costing only $10 to start! Fight your way through monsters to earn BattlePass EXP or go skilling to unlock and earn powerful rewards to gain an advantage in the wonderful world of Wisdom! Teleport home and go talk to the BattlePass Fairy to get started!


Gulag is a Player vs Player event that takes place every hour. Teleport home and go to the red portal to get started. Be sure to not bring any gear or items. Items are given to you for the event and will be returned after you are defeated. The last one standing wins. There are rewards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place players. You can buy items at the store by the Gulag entrance.


Nex is a new boss that is now added and she is available to fight now. It is nex and the four minions around her. Be sure to get all the keys from the other four generals before trying to go fight her. She can be fought at Godwars Dungeon. Be careful! She is strong.